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Jobs & Careers

Innovations are created by people.Avnet Memec employs highly qualified experts in its teams all over Europe. Avnet Memec lives up to a European Business Culture. We learn from one another and with each other, which inspires and fosters a productive working atmosphere. Avnet Memec is looking for highly individual employees who are aware of the Company's service focus and will work to extend the value chain.

Team Spirit

Strong relationships and teamwork are fundamental to the way we work. You will accomplish more by teaming with others. Collaborating, cooperating and supporting each other inspires us all to think and work more effectively and build on each others' ideas. And it helps expand and accelerate your learning.


Everyone on our team is important and everyone's view counts. Teamwork at Avnet Memec is about treating all people with respect, and appreciating diverse points of view and cultural perspectives.


We also respect your individual needs and personal endeavors, creating a flexible work environment whenever possible, where you can manage the balance between work and personal demands to achieve your professional and personal goals.